Eleven Tips to find work on Job Fair success

kariridaman.com - You are just graduating from college and planning on following a job fair? Well, your actions are very precise! Job fair is indeed one of the effective methods of finding work.

By registering in the event, you can find various job openings from various companies. Surely it is profitable, isn't it? You need to try to apply directly to his office or send an application via the Post office.

What you need to be aware of when you want to follow a job fair, make sure you prepare it with maturity. Because the number of your competitors is not few!

In addition, some companies usually open a live interview session to view applicants ' performance. So yes, you don't want to be ready. Well, here are a few tips on finding successful jobs at job fair.

Tips to find work on Job Fair success
Tips to find work on Job Fair success

1. Make a List of existing companies and learn

Usually in a job fair advertisement will be shown the names of participating companies. Whether it's on a job-banner, website, email, or other media.

If you find any info about the company, then note it immediately! Likewise with the job position info, you should also record it.

With you creating a list of company names and work positions, it will help you to prepare everything more mature. You can study his company profile first. In addition, you can also predict the number of applications you will create.

2. Pre-Define the position you want to apply

The second tip to apply for a job fair, surely you should determine the type of position you want to apply. What is an admin? Quality control? Marketing? Costumer Service? Production? Or other?

You should not only focus on one position! While your main goal is to find a suitable position in the course of study, do not cover the opportunity to work in other areas.

What's more if you are still fresh graduate. Try to explore the skills and dare to accept challenges! With you trying to work in various positions, it will further add to the experience.

3. Make a Resume as attractive as possible, try the Optimal number

A Resume, cover letter, portfolio, or whatever it's called, make sure you make it as appealing as possible.

You can searching on Google, nowadays there are many online applications to create unique resume-unique. You can try it! Or if you're still confused, just ask your friend for a clever design help to create your resume design.

Also, make sure you always update the resume. All your skills and work experience, not to be missed.

Lastly, try to print a resume as much as possible to be taken to a job fair. Think of it as a backup. If it's a little, then you run out of resumes.

4. Make sure all documents are complete

The day before the job fair implementation, try to check all the documents you want to carry. From a cover letter, resume, Diploma, certificate, ID CARD, photo, and other supporting documents. Make sure everything is complete.

Arrange your documents neatly. To avoid falling apart, attach the clip and insert it into the map. That way, later in your location, look no further to organize them. Stay in the application.

One more thing, do not carry the dirty files Yes! It will pose a bad impression to you.

5. Keep your body endurance as good as possible

The next point that is not less important, you must keep the durability! Usually the job fair was very crowded.

With the number of companies that contribute, it is also very much the launch. Even it is usually up to long queue. Of course it makes the atmosphere so sultry and body tired.

Therefore, you have to prepare the durability well. Make sure you consume enough food to add energy, and don't forget to take a break.

6. Look at your outfit, make sure it's neat and polite

When you want to follow a job fair, do not get any dress. Moreover, only wearing T-shirts and jeans. It's not undue, you know!

Usually outfit for a job fair is identical to formal attire, neat, and polite. If you are a man, use a white shirt tops and undergarment black pants. You can also add a suit, if any.

As for women, it is almost the same as shirt tops or blouse. Choose a light color, preferably the white or pastel colors. Then add a blazer to beautify the appearance. And don't forget, wear the black skirt subordinates.

Oh yeah, for men shoes select loafers. If your woman can choose black wedges.

7. If you have time, you should first care

Appearance becomes a key judgment when people see you. Therefore, if you want to get a positive impression, then it is as interesting as possible.

Not only from the way of dress, but the body is also worth noting. Therefore, try to do the treatment before taking the job fair. Like cutting nails, facials (do not have to be in the most special place, at home can also!), and body scrub.

If you look clean and fragrant, then the outfit is also neat, automatically it will make you get a good impression.

8. Survey to Job Fair location on H-1

To avoid delays in the H-day, we recommend that you take the location survey the day before. Try to see the parking lot, the room, the toilet where, and whether there is a place to eat.

Yes, those kinds of things are better for you to do first. So you don't need to be confused anymore.

If your job fair location is outside the city, you can look for temporary stays. It's also pretty important anyway! Because after a job fair event, there will usually be a test call at the same location. When you hurry home, then suddenly can call, you have to commute dong?

Better, just wait 3 daily at the while Inn. You can survey while waiting for your calls comfortably.

9. Practice gestures and how you communicate in front of a mirror

Tips to find work at the next job fair that is doing exercises first. When you're still at home, try training gestures and how you communicate in front of the mirror.

It would be better, if you make a quick note about the introduction of yourself on paper. The note is to help you to be more fluent when interviewed at a job fair location.

In addition, by practicing, you can also reduce nervous and minimize errors that may occur.

10. Make a List of questions for the company, minimum five!

To find a job fair, you shouldn't be passive. Don't be the same with other participants! In other words, you try to stand out.

The trick with an active role in giving questions to the company. Just create a minimum of 5 questions from home. For example, about work position, job desk, how many jobs were opened, or others.

With your asking questions, it shows that you're really interested. The interview is certainly more interested in you.

11. Try to find new acquaintances, it can add to your connection

Following a job fair is not just about applying for work. But you can also take advantage of the moment to find new acquaintances.

Try being a friendly person. You can try to approach the company HRD-HRD that is there. In addition, approach participants as well as applicants. This tactic is great for you to add connections.

Although at the end you don't get the job fair, at least you still have acquaintances. Yes who knows, someday your friend can help you give job info.

That's some tips on finding successful job fair jobs. In essence, to follow the job market, prepare the documents fully, keep the durability, and get as many connections as possible. Good Luck!